Sustainable Architecture Will Optimize Resources in Building Providence

A new federal homes standard requires an energy architect designed solution that meets the envelope and installations, transformed the building into a single body and sustainable architecture.

Suitable bright, good thermal and acoustic insulation, and achieve savings of up to 40% in energy consumption were the main objectives of the client to build the project that the Estate Lyon Coast Almahue is rising in the heart of Providence.

To meet these requirements, the Energy Office Architect, expert in sustainable architecture, designed a solution that meets both the envelope and the facilities, becoming the one body building and sustainable architecture.

“The most important was the optimization of the enclosure, where Energy Arq advised us on the specification of the glass facades, in which we combine a low thermal transmittance with a good percentage of visual transmission. Then recalculated and optimized project air conditioning, extraction, ventilation, lighting and landscaping. The result was an experience and excellent project, “says Eugenio Simonetti, project architect.

In this regard, Rolf SIELFELD, Partner, Energy Architect, said that the purpose of this process will allow the building to obtain LEED ® certification of the search for innovation, energy efficiency and sustainability.

“Part of the requirements were that the proposed heating and air conditioning achieved greater energy efficiency, over the traditional practice in the domestic market and also above the U.S. standard, which is accomplished with an indoor air quality that guarantees comfort and health of its occupants, through the combination of natural and mechanical ventilation. Also, for the lighting project was sought an alternative that would maximize energy efficiency while achieving high quality of the environment, and worry that the landscaping outside the building would privilege the use of endemic and efficient drip irrigation to ensure low water consumption, “explains Rolf SIELFELD.

Regarding materiality, we chose to use high performance windows that reduce solar gain in the interior and the heat transfer and reinforced concrete walls with brick veneer.

“As an innovation, a system was implemented VRF-art climate where all the condensation water produced by air-conditioning units are stored to cover 100% of the water required for irrigation of landscaping. Additionally, over 50% of the land The first floor is left free to link the project with pedestrian access to the Mapocho River Park, “says Rolf SIELFELD.

Regarding design, Eugenio Simonetti added that “we take the building as an object and we made a cut on the visible corner and literally move a few square meters to a floor removed to the deck, where the best views were to design an office. This blew out a change in the design and created a composite structure, comprising a rigid core of reinforced concrete walls wrapped in a diagonal system of piers and supporting the front and made legible the path of vertical and seismic loads to the foundations. Just look at the front enough to understand its structural logic. ”

Thus, Energy Architect, puts into practice all his experience and interest in generating projects that offer the highest level of design, the application of technologies to develop sustainable projects.

How to Protect the Walls of a House for This Winter

Here is the lastest news on real estate and how to protect your investment. Now that winter is coming, it helps to protect the homes of weather and moisture, microorganisms, smog and other elements that damage the environment.

Guillermo Zepeda, technical manager of Sipa Paintings, indicates that for a job well done, you have to choose the right product, prepare surface to be treated properly and make a correct application, according to technical instructions, which allow safe and efficient protection of the home.

“Before painting an exterior wall, you must remove all loose or burned by the weather, biodegradable washing liquid detergent remove grease and dirt in general, leaving the sanding and scraping clean surface, then apply sealant Cal Fixer. ”

To paint the walls, you should use a company service, but if you have to do it yourself you should use enamel facade water Extracubriente water repellent that protects all types of walls, whether concrete, brick, fibro-cement sheets, has fast drying satin finish and resistance to alkalinity of cement and weather, allowing the walls to breathe.

In addition, another alternative to beautify and protect the walls Sipalina moisture is water repellent, a coating used
mainly to hide flaws and imperfections and / or decorate smooth and rough surfaces. Water-based coating is a textured with excellent adhesion to different surfaces. It also has hydrophobic agents that allow you to repel water. Free textures repellents, absorb water and allow the wall with high humidity retained.

For interior walls, showing moisture or water flow with from the outside, it is necessary to verify the validity of the
humidity, then washed with biodegradable detergent liquid remove grease or dirt, sand and scrape to make the surface clean before applying paint.

“Ideal for walls or with residual moisture problems efflorescence and moisture retention, is the Humidity Blocker,
product reacts with moisture, forming a film allows walls to breathe, keeping the salts. It is easy application dry by evaporation of solvents and can be painted over with latex, oil or synthetic enamel. Must be used with the
maximum ventilation and making sure that no spark is generated by Another application site is a Waterproofing Water solution Proof, recommended to protect pressed bricks, stucco eaves and fiber cement sidings, both indoors and outdoors, “says professional.

Finally, to paint roofs, downspouts and gutters of both Zinc or Zinc – aluminum or PVC plastic cement and new or have not been painted, is a coating Acrizinc high technology and user-friendly, water based, which has excellent Quick-drying duration and about an hour. In addition to its PBS colors can be prepared in trigonometric, allowing match the color of the wall with the water down the roof with the channel, or multiple options.

Housing launches Sipa Basic Manual

In order to minimize construction costs and provide the best application results Paintings Sipa developed the “Manual of Basic Housing Schemes Sipa”, which is ideal no matter where you are located.

This is a technical document aimed at architects, engineers, builders, technicians, builders, specifiers and distributors delivering a wide range of alternatives for implementation and protection of surfaces as well as technical recommendations.

The Manual includes alternatives for the preparation of cementitious walls; solutions for the protection of exposed brick, and mortar chains; fibrocement, tin, brass, zinc, zinc-alum and PVC, metals, wood, doors and windows, finishes, including others.

Guillermo Zepeda, Pinturas Sipa Technical Manager, said that the document was developed with the aim of helping industry professionals to minimize construction costs and provide the best results of application.

“We are constantly developing innovative solutions to the construction market for high performance in their work, with excellent quality and comfort for their inhabitants, without increasing project costs,” he says.

Investment boost Shopping Center Strip Center Red Stone: Great Bet Corp Group in Chicureo

An example of the caliber of Idaho real estate is a group bought the shopping center built by Real Manquehue, now invests $ 6.5 million in expansion, which will open in March 2011.

On another note, the consolidation of the retail market soon will be manifested in Red Stone, Chicureo sector north of Santiago, with the expansion of its famous Mall.

The need to complement the success of Red Stone real estate, business services and infrastructure, led Corp Group, a group linked to the family Saieh to put your chips at its epicenter. 4 years ago bought the shopping center developed by Real Manquehue in the central part of the project and recently began its expansion with an investment of $ 6.5 million extra dollars.

The initiative is carried out by the company Corp Group real estate and its main hook will be a dining area located on the edge of Lake Red Stone, of 80,000 m2 in area, whose reputation as a more urban setting of Chicureo transcends borders.

So much has been the interest of various operators in the trade, which originally defined the work that was started in May this year, have had to incorporate changes and increases in work, for inclusion in the benefit of the community. This has meant a breakthrough in implementing the master plan in 7,300 m2 and has redefined the opening of this new stage in March 2011.

The new spaces will go to 5 new restaurants, among which include “De Cangrejo Conejo” Sportlife gym, a home store, convenience store and smaller stores, and a new Shell service station.

The mall has over the last three years with a supermarket leader, which has one of the levels of sales per person higher in the chain.

Fernando Felbol, Corp Group Marketing Manager, said that “it does not end here, as we have more projects pending, including highlights a retail store high-level, an operator of automotive playground and varied.”

Property Asset Corp Group explained that currently manages six neighborhood shopping centers: the Center, Panorama, Rancagua, Melipilla, Red Stone and a new one announced in the Dehesa, as well as supermarket chain Unimarc.

Real Estate Services

With the state of the economy all around the world the inventory of the real estate has increased exponentially at the expense of those forced to let their investments go. For those who are in the business of trying to sell these properties you might want to take the time to look at the site to see how they can help you figure out the best option for selling your home. Just like in any other industry there are services so real estate sales and purchases do not have to be extensive, drawn out and at times painful. You should spend the extra time and money in getting it right the first time. Finding the trusted source to help you is key to the success of the business engagement.

Home Improvement Tips

How many times have you bought an item which you planed on using for a home improvement project without doing any sort of research or developed a plan for that matter? It is recommended by professionals all over the world that you should not only research the product or products you plan on buying, but also develop a plan or blueprint of what you want to accomplish. This has to be at the top of the home improvement tips list. I have seen a number of television shows where the man of the house is made out to be a “hack” of a repair man and rarely finishes the job. If he does finish there is bound to be some sort of accident or mishap with whatever was built, repair or modified. Granted most of those shows where drawn from experience of the writer or the star of the show, but that is not always the case. Watching those shows, which are comedies, should be an example of what not to do while making some home improvement plans for your or anyone else’s home.

Property Management Services

Business and property owners contact us all the time. Their number one concern is why should they hire a property management service company. Of course, they are also concerned about types of management activities or task involved. Property Management Services save their clients a lot of time, money, and frustration. Property Management Services take the stress and headaches out of operating rental properties. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what a Property Management Service provides for their clients.

Most services perform tasks involved with marketing the clients property. They take a look at the property and make changes to the interior. These changes should make the interior more attractive and marketable. Curb appeal is very important. Consequently, the management company makes sure that the exterior is in good condition. They clean and mow lawns. Clean and repair damaged sidewalks and driveways. These small task make the property more appealing. The service also prepares ads for the property and places them in markets that reach the targeted audience. They use newspapers, magazines, and the Internet to reach these targeted markets.

Property Management Services help their clients find the perfect tenant for their property. They check the tenant’s references and perform an important background check. They screen out all those who do not match tenant criteria. Property Management services are also experienced at drawing up the tenant and property leasing agreement for their clients. They make sure that everything is in place and that all the terms in the agreement are understood by parties involved. They are also involved with rent collection and enforcing payments. Of course, these are only a few of the tasks involved with property management. There are numerous other tasks that they perform for their clients on a regular basis.

Are you in the market for a dedicated professional Property Management Service? Property Management services provide a variety of important services for their clients that benefit all parties involved. Contact CPM Idaho, for more information on property management and the options that are involved.

Property Management for Rental Homes

If you are currently living in or near Boise Idaho and you are interested in renting a home or another type of property, you can do so with the help of a property management service. With the help of professionals who specialize in managing rental properties, you can easily find the ideal type of home you are interested in when you are in and around Boise, Idaho. You can find a property rental management company with the use of various methods right from home.

Why Use a Property Management Company?

When you are working together with a property management company or service, you are capable of getting the assistance you need to help with finding the ideal home for you based on the monthly payments you can afford to pay as well as the specific size or location of the rental property you are most interested in. Professional property management companies in Idaho such as Iron Eagle Property Management are able to browse multiple home listing directories for available rental homes that are the most suitable for you depending on any preferences you have specified. Many times, property management professionals are also able to determine the home’s surroundings, nearest schools, shopping centers and more if you have special requests or if you prefer to live away from the city area as well.

Who Can Use a Property Management Service?

Whether you are looking for a short-term rental agreement or lease or if you and your entire family are looking for a long-term rental home with the option to buy, a property management company can help. There are no limitations on who is able to hire a property management company, as all rental homes can be found by the property management professional him or herself, regardless of size and the types of rental terms or agreements that may be in place and available.

Finding Property Management Services

Once you have decided you would like to work with a property management service in Idaho, also both online and local business directories to help you with finding the ideal company for you. Searching for property management companies for rental homes online allows you to not only compare the professionals available near you, but in some cases, you can even view photos of the various types of rental homes that are within your price range and in the location you are looking to invest in.

Cleaning Your Property

If there is one thing that is annoying when looking for a nice, clean, apartment or home or business rental is finding a unit that is just the opposite. Oh sure, in order to get the deposit back, the former tenant(s) and their ancient vacuum cleaner didn’t seem to work very well. And the landlord is still wondering why the place is still vacant. Look folks, if your rentals only command about $200 bucks a month, maybe a quick vacuum and cleanup will suffice. But if you’re in the higher rental plateau, the tenant may be giving your unit a Marine Corps white glove check.

Capital Cleaning is your professional “problem solver” and experts not only at carpet cleaning but they will clean your property to look like you’re having an “open house” this coming weekend. And one more thing. Capital Cleaning is not afraid of the Marine Corp “white glove” check, either. Unlike other so-called cleaning companies who often simple “mask” any serious cleaning necessities, Capital Cleaning moves the bar up about five notches and actually checks the vent on your clothes dryer to see if it’s on the verge of plugging up, as well. Now seriously, who do you know that takes that extra step in cleaning a property?

Being hired to do a home or apartment cleaning job is serious business to Capital Cleaning. Even to the point of inspecting and cleaning, if necessary, the grout around all your kitchen and bathroom sinks where the “gunk” has been piling up since the Clinton administration. Not too many cleaning companies would even give that chore one thought. The bottom line here is if you want a company to clean your property like your grandmother would, the owners of Capital Cleaning, will be happy to oblige. After all they have been cleaning properties in the Boise area since 2007 I think you can assume that they know what a broom, vacuum cleaner and mop look like. Maybe it’s time for you to let them prove it the next time a “cleaning conundrum” needs solving. Business or residential cleaning is just a phone call away: 208-724-0586. Remember it’s better to know Capital Cleaning and not need them; than to need Capital Cleaning and not know them.

Investing In Real Estate Out West

Idaho real estate is all about a great environment for living and investing. It is the perfect location to accommodate any lifestyle. From mountainous terrains to low, flat land, the desired property can be found. Breathtaking views, warm sunshine, and crystal clear waters help to impact the pleasures of living there.

Residing or conducting business out West has its privilege. Therefore, it would be wise to seize any available opportunity to cash in on this deal. Since there are many benefits to purchasing land in that vicinity, it is worth checking out. It does not matter which location a person may opt to settle down. For example, Boise Idaho could prove to be exactly what a person desires.

There are choices galore when it comes to purchasing real estate out West. Land is obtainable for any size purchase. If it is for residential use, the size of the construction will not matter. Property is available for single-family homes with any number of rooms. If it is for commercial use, property is available for that as well.

One of the best investments a person can make is in real estate. It is a purchase that always appreciates in value. Consequently, it can be a great asset for ensuring borrowing power with lending institutions. It can also be used for future investment or to re-sell.

The buyer has the option of building on the land right away. If that is the case, then Boise Hunter Homes could be the way to go. They are familiar with the area and the required building codes. This knowledge, coupled with their vast experience could ensure the homes of people’s dreams.

Amenities are already in place for residential and commercial uses. Therefore, residents can have their pick of where they want to live or invest. There are shopping centers, entertainment spots, public transportation, quality schools and more. Whether people prefer to live near the river or the sea, it is possible.

Peace, quiet, and comfort are the order of the day for many communities. For people who prefer this lifestyle, it is at their fingertips. The perfect view is also available for residents who care to wake up to a preferred attraction. Once a location has been identified by a prospective buyer, it is only a matter of making the right connection. Boise Hunter Homes is that connection to high-quality living.

Living in Boise Idaho could be a life-changing experience, especially for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of certain environments. It could be the perfect spot to retire or to conduct business. It could meet the need for a fast pace or slow pace life; it is all up to the individuals.