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If there is one thing that is annoying when looking for a nice, clean, apartment or home or business rental is finding a unit that is just the opposite. Oh sure, in order to get the deposit back, the former tenant(s) and their ancient vacuum cleaner didn’t seem to work very well. And the landlord is still wondering why the place is still vacant. Look folks, if your rentals only command about $200 bucks a month, maybe a quick vacuum and cleanup will suffice. But if you’re in the higher rental plateau, the tenant may be giving your unit a Marine Corps white glove check.

Capital Cleaning is your professional “problem solver” and experts not only at carpet cleaning but they will clean your property to look like you’re having an “open house” this coming weekend. And one more thing. Capital Cleaning is not afraid of the Marine Corp “white glove” check, either. Unlike other so-called cleaning companies who often simple “mask” any serious cleaning necessities, Capital Cleaning moves the bar up about five notches and actually checks the vent on your clothes dryer to see if it’s on the verge of plugging up, as well. Now seriously, who do you know that takes that extra step in cleaning a property?

Being hired to do a home or apartment cleaning job is serious business to Capital Cleaning. Even to the point of inspecting and cleaning, if necessary, the grout around all your kitchen and bathroom sinks where the “gunk” has been piling up since the Clinton administration. Not too many cleaning companies would even give that chore one thought. The bottom line here is if you want a company to clean your property like your grandmother would, the owners of Capital Cleaning, will be happy to oblige. After all they have been cleaning properties in the Boise area since 2007 I think you can assume that they know what a broom, vacuum cleaner and mop look like. Maybe it’s time for you to let them prove it the next time a “cleaning conundrum” needs solving. Business or residential cleaning is just a phone call away: 208-724-0586. Remember it’s better to know Capital Cleaning and not need them; than to need Capital Cleaning and not know them.