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How many times have you bought an item which you planed on using for a home improvement project without doing any sort of research or developed a plan for that matter? It is recommended by professionals all over the world that you should not only research the product or products you plan on buying, but also develop a plan or blueprint of what you want to accomplish. This has to be at the top of the home improvement tips list. I have seen a number of television shows where the man of the house is made out to be a “hack” of a repair man and rarely finishes the job. If he does finish there is bound to be some sort of accident or mishap with whatever was built, repair or modified. Granted most of those shows where drawn from experience of the writer or the star of the show, but that is not always the case. Watching those shows, which are comedies, should be an example of what not to do while making some home improvement plans for your or anyone else’s home.